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Portable executable (PE) manipulation toolkit

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Meet the new release of good old-fashioned PE Tools

It’s been years since NEOx released latest public version of PE Tools in 2006, so you may have decided that PET is already dead, but it came back from the dead for a while in 2018!

Principal Changes


Primarily, new release is about bug fixes. There are lot of things fixed including memory leaks and program logic. Be warned, sometimes new bugs are replacing old ones, but we had worked hard to bring you bug-free release without introducing new bugs (we really hope so).

New Features

Some nice new features are added to make your experience more visible and comfortable:

A whole bunch of small but useful features

Get high

High-DPI display modes supported including 192 DPI:


Outdated and unnecessary features removed:

Other changes

Full list of changes:

Many other small things are fixed or added (not all are listed), so it’s a good way to study new features by downloading new release.

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